I invite you to learn about New Mexico state government with me!

Dear friends, students, neighbors and constituents,

At noon on January 15th, I will be sworn in to serve as the New Mexico state representative from House District 29 in Northwest Albuquerque. Iā€™ve been teaching students from kindergarten to college for the past 25 years and I go to the Roundhouse as a teacher; I also go as a learner since I am a newly elected representative.

I invite you to come along on my journey as I learn about every part of our state government: our executive branch led by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham; our judicial branch and court system; and our legislative branch with its 70 representatives and 42 senators engaged in writing, debating and passing bills to benefit you, our citizens, our residents.

Every week I will post an entry about what is going on, what I am learning, and what bills I am working on. Please write to me if there is any particular part of our state government or legislative process that you would like me to share. You can write me a letter addressed to me at the Roundhouse, or you can email me at Joy.Garratt@nmlegis.gov.

Please join me as together we learn how our New Mexico state government works!


Representative-Elect Joy Garratt